The 100mm journey began when the team was formed back in August 2012. With experience from different industries, each member of our team shared a common interest, cars. At this point in time, as is still the case today, Melbourne was blessed with an abundance of car meets and gatherings at well-known local car parks and public spaces.

Realising that Melbourne was in desperate need of a new large scale automotive event to unite enthusiasts with a new focus to differentiate itself from large events in the past, 100mm was formed. Although each team member comes from a different background, it is cars that have brought us together.

Strategic Aim/Mission

What we are all about

The ultimate vision of 100mm is to engage as many diverse sub-car cultures as possible with an attempt to unite them in an effort to educate and encourage positive appreciation to different genres of car modifying that may not be common to the appeal of each individual.

100mm aims not only to reduce these differences, but to also provide education regarding the impact of negativity and divides between car enthusiasts including the imagery perceived from the wider society.

As a team, we aim to achieve unification by setting a precedent for new standards in hosting automotive festivals providing various aspects of entertainment including live music and food which engage the wider community in a positive manner, whilst maintaining a point of difference from other existing automotive events. These elements are a key focus and form the Cars x Food x Music sub-heading in our branding. The show will aim to provide a positive family friendly, trendy and socially acceptable image whilst engaging in aspects of society which may not be familiar with the automotive scene, but may already have negative connotations in response to being involved.